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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco attends the high-level segment of the IMPAC4 congress in Chile

The 4th International Marine Protected Areas Congress was held in Chile from 4-8 September 2017. Every four years, the IMPAC congress brings together major maritime stakeholders from around the globe, to assist in the conservation of marine biodiversity and the sustainable development of the oceans.

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation participated in the IMPAC4 congress in La Serena. In particular, this congress provided an opportunity for the Foundation to support the actions of the Trust Fund for the Mediterranean, by taking part in various side events devoted to the sustainable funding of MPAs.

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L’Expédition PAX ARCTICA - ARCTIQUE RUSSE 2017 se lance en Septembre, pour explorer une région totalement inconnue de l’Arctique russe, les îles de Nouvelle-Sibérie

Une expédition d’un mois sera lancée le 11 septembre pour découvrir une région quasi inconnue de l’Arctique et sensibiliser grand public et décideurs aux problèmes affectant ces régions.

L'expédition est menée par l'explorateur Luc Hardy, fondateur de Pax Arctica, une organisation qui sensibilise à l'impact du changement climatique sur les régions arctiques, polaires et de glaciers.

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At the initiative of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, a meeting of Mediterranean monk seal experts is to be held within the context of Monaco’s research on the Yersin exploration vessel in Madeira

The Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) is one of the most endangered mammals in the world, with the global population being estimated at only 500 individuals living in the Mediterranean and the near Atlantic. There are two main reasons for the vulnerability of the Mediterranean monk seal: on the one hand, fishermen view the species as competition for fisheries resources and, on the other, the species has been affected by the degradation of its habitat due to urbanisation and tourism.  


This meeting, to be held on 6 September 2017, should help create a solid, lasting dynamic between the different projects aimed at protecting Monachus monachus populations.  

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The inaugural « Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean » - Honoring Leonardo DiCaprio - Thursday September 28th 2017

On Thursday September 28th 2017, during the Monaco Yacht Show, the inaugural “Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean” will be hold on the exclusive Terraces of the Opera of Monte-Carlo, from which proceeds will support the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s initiatives in favor of a sustainable global ocean.

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HSH Prince Albert II visits the Natural History Museum in London

On 5th August 2017, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco visited the Natural History Museum in London which houses a vast range of life and earth science collections (approximately 70 million specimens). On this occasion, the Sovereign met Dr Neil Brummitt, the Principal Investigator for the project “Plants Under Pressure”, which is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. The project has conducted a global assessment of the threats hanging over biodiversity. The Natural History Museum has also assessed plant species from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List in order to create an extensive catalogue of threatened species. “Plants Under Pressure” has also strengthened skills in Sub-Saharan Africa so that plant diversity may be monitored and managed more efficiently.

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Departure Ceremony for Yersin: explorations officially launched from Monaco

Reconcile humankind with the sea”. This is the mission that the Principality of Monaco has set itself by re-establishing the scientific sea explorations that in their time led to the acclaim of Prince Albert I of Monaco.

In this respect, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco has made ocean protection one of the priority areas for action of his Foundation which he created over eleven years ago.

In order to pursue his commitment to the protection of 70% of the planet’s surface, the Sovereign has decided to implement an ambitious scientific and educational expedition aimed at attracting substantial media coverage. The expedition will consist of a three-year long tour around the globe aboard Yersin, a travelling research platform which left Monaco harbour on 27th July. On this occasion, the Yacth Club hosted a ceremony in the Prince’s presence.

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The 44th International German Club of Monaco’s summer charity gala

On 25th July 2017, in the presence of the Sovereign Prince, the International German Club of Monaco held its 44th charity gala event at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort for the benefit of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation,

During the event, Mr Karl H. Vanis, President of the German Club, introduced the new Co-Presidents of the German Club, Mrs Beatrix Baronne von Dellingshausen and Mr Patrick Wetzel.

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The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and BirdLife committed to the protection of penguins

Created in 2011 by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, the goal of the “Summer Dream” evening events is to bring together, for just one night, talented individuals who are sensitive to the environmental causes defended by the Foundation. This year, the Serbian violin virtuoso, Nemanja Radulovic, the winner of the Victoires de la Musique in 2014, enchanted all art and music lovers on 18th July 2017 with his ensemble “Double Sens”.  His latest recording devoted to Bach featured on the programme of this exceptional evening organised in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The aim of this evening of music with a dinner created by Paolo Sari, a Michelin starred chef, was to support a joint project conducted by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and one of its longstanding partners, BirdLife International, for the protection of penguins, of which ten out of eighteen species are critically endangered.

The world leader in bird protection, Birdlife International, set up in 1922, currently has a global network of 122 partners, environmental and non-governmental organisations, established in 120 countries.

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Première édition d’une performance artistique éphémère de rue à Monaco

La ville apparaît comme l’œuvre la plus vivante et le support artistique le plus utilisé au monde. Monaco a eu le privilège d’accueillir, pour la première fois, sur l’esplanade du Quai Albert 1er, les plus prestigieux artistes du monde de l’art urbain, les 15 et 16 juillet 2017. Imaginée par Alberto Colman, éditeur du magazine italien Monte Carlo In et directeur de la société d’événementielle WSM Events, cette exposition d’Urban Painting Around the World (UPAW), dont la Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco, la Mairie de Monaco et la Direction du Tourisme sont partenaires, a permis à neuf artistes de la galerie de Willem Speerstra -Alex Kuznetsov, Blancbec, Etnik, Jazi, John CRASH Matos, Mr Oneteas, Mist, Sozyone et Stohead- de réaliser des oeuvres en direct qui ont ensuite vendues aux enchères par la maison Artcurial, au bénéfice de la Fondation. Sensibles à la thématique choisie, celle de la protection des océans, les artistes se sont livrés à une performance en direct, sur neuf murs éphémères.

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The Foundation signs an agreement with the Low Carbon Economy Service Committee of Shanghai

On 14th July 2017, Bernard Fautrier, Vice-President of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation signed an agreement with Mr Yuhua Zhu, President of the Monaco-China association, and representing the Low Carbon Economy Service Committee of Shanghai. This Chinese association has created influential international conferences, such as the “China CleanPath”, as well as international fora dedicated to the issues it holds close to its heart: energy saving and planet protection.

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