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H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco awarded for His commitment to the environment during the European Culture Award 2018 ceremony

During the European Culture Award 2018 ceremony, which was held in the Frauenkirche in Dresden, on Friday 8 June, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco was awarded the European Initiative Prize for Environmental Protection for the work carried out by his Foundation and the German Ocean Foundation, in particular for their commitment to the preservation of the world’s oceans.

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Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean 2018 - Together for a sustainable Ocean

Presided by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, the second Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean will take place on Wednesday September 26th 2018, on the opening day of the Monaco Yacht Show, in the presence of international artists and philanthropists committed for the protection of the Ocean, today particularly threatened by human activity.

Playing a key role in climate regulation, the Ocean represents more than 70 % of the planet’s surface, producing 50 % of the oxygen we breathe and absorbing 25 % of the carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere. Yet, overfishing and illegal fishing, the temperature rise and the increasing pollutions jeopardize its balance.

The Monte-Carlo Gala aims at meeting the challenge of a sustainable Ocean, for the next generations and for our Planet’s future.

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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco gives a speech at the Ocean Risk Summit ? Bermuda

Invited to the first Ocean Risk Summit, organised in Bermuda from 8-10 May 2018, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco gave a keynote speech on Thursday 10 May during a morning session devoted to The Ocean in a Time of Change. This summit – sponsored by the (re)insurance company XL Catlin, in partnership with organisations such as the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Ocean Unite - brought together political, economic and environmental leaders alongside insurers in this multi-sector approach to ocean risk.

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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco visits the Ocean Frontier Institute in Halifax, Canada

During his visit to Canada on 7th and 8th May 2018, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco met the university community of the Ocean Frontier Institute, Dalhousie University, Halifax, where he was welcomed by Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright, CEO of the Ocean Frontier Institute, Dr. Richard Florizone, President of Dalhousie University, and Dr. Alice Aiken, the University’s Vice-President. This international oceanography centre explores the vast potential of the oceans with the aim of devising innovatory and sustainable solutions which respect the principle of blue growth.

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Visit of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco to Canada

On his arrival in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, on Monday 7 May, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco met, for the first time, the Canadian Prime Minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau, at Canada’s Parliament Buildings. During this meeting, the two Heads of State, who share the same interests for environmental issues, discussed commitments undertaken within the framework of the Paris Agreement and threats related to climate change, in particular to the Arctic and Antarctica, as well as ocean preservation: common concerns that have brought the two countries closer together for some time. The Poles, principal witnesses of global warming, are among the first continents affected. A situation that Canada experiences first hand and which has been one of Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s areas of action since its creation in 2006.

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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco invited to address the Grandes Conférences Catholiques in Brussels on major environmental challenges ? 5th May 2018

For their last conference of the season at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels on 5th May 2018, the Grandes Conférences Catholiques offered the podium to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, to set out his and his Foundation’s commitment to the environment, in the context of a conference entitled “Air, Sea and Land: this century’s crucial challenges”.

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Seacology has launched its first ever crowdfunding campaign to save parrotfish in Colombia

Launched on Earth Day, last April 22nd, 2018 the campaign aims to help raise awareness of the importance of parrotfish to the health of the coral reefs around Isla Providencia, Colombia. Hungry parrotfish eat the harmful macroalgae that compete for space with corals, keeping the ecosystem in balance. Too much algae can smother and ultimately kill a coral reef. Currently, the parrotfish around Providencia are being overfished, which poses great danger to the coral reefs: without the parrotfish, the reef will quickly become overgrown with algae and rapidly deteriorate.

Seacology’s project is a total ban on catching parrotfish in the waters around the Island. But a ban is impossible without community support—so Seacology is funding a campaign that will reach everyone on the island. It includes a video for fishermen, radio broadcasts, education for schoolchildren, and plaques for restaurants that take parrotfish off the menu. Seacology, supported by The Prince Albert 2 of Monaco Foundation, will be working with the Providencia fishing community, the regional government agency Coralina, and local NGO Fundación Providence.

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A partnership agreement signed between the Prince Albert II Foundation and the Energy Observer Foundation

A partnership agreement was signed on 13th April 2018 during Monaco Ocean Week between the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Energy Observer Foundation.

The agreement, which was signed by HE Mr Bernard Fautrier, Vice-President of the Prince Albert II Foundation and Mr Victorien Erussard, President of the Energy Observer Foundation, will enable the two organisations to leverage the diversity of their respective areas of expertise in relation to the promotion of renewable energies.

The partnership foresees, among other things, support for common projects, technical and scientific cooperation regarding project monitoring and the organisation of conferences, round tables and symposia on focus areas common to both foundations.

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The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and its partners will be organising the second edition of Monaco Ocean Week, from 8 to 14 April 2018. Aimed at finding solutions to protect the marine environment, notably in the face of the challenges posed by climate change, the event will be launched in Edinburgh, with the Monaco Blue Initiative, and continue in the Principality of Monaco.

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La Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco soutient Prats de Mollo la Preste, un village en transition écologique

Le 6 avril 2018, SAS le Prince Albert II de Monaco s’est rendu à Prats de Mollo la Preste, à l’occasion notamment d’une visite culture et patrimoine. Ce village, situé sur les hauteurs de la vallée du Vallespir, dans les Pyrénées Orientales, tend à devenir 100% autonome en électricité à partir d’énergies renouvelables à l’horizon 2021.    

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