To give the greatest number of people access to water, to safeguard biodiversity, to propose solutions to curb climate change and its effects these are the three key concerns to which the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is dedicated.

These three issues are concentrated in one single ecosystem:  the tropical rainforests. The environmental consequences at stake are therefore considerable when we know that the tropical rainforests harbour over 75% of the earth’s biodiversity and that their destruction is responsible for more than 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. 

This massive destruction is alarming. It is mainly due to the ever-increasing pressures of intensive farming for palm oil and biofuels, illegal timber logging and the lack of economic value given to this natural resource.

One of the most effective ways of combating this scourge is to give economic value to these forests by developing sustainable forestry practice. This type of management enables us to target certain species of tree or of a certain age only, whilst at the same time respecting biodiversity-rich areas and the people living there.  Integrated forestry practice promotes forest regeneration and generates economic value for the parties concerned, foresters and the indigenous people alike.

At the other end of the chain, the economic sectors of activity that use wood, such as the building, yachting and tourist industries, must be aware of the environmental disruption to which they are contributing through their practices and sourcing.

The initiative “Monaco makes a commitment against deforestation” 

Launched on 28th January 2010, it consists of 4 components:

Wood Charter in the Principality of Monaco
Monaco makes a commitment against deforestation
Make a commitment against deforestation
Make a commitment against deforestation