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CEPF has been making grants in the Mediterranean Basin since June 2012, with 102 grants totaling $10.1 million. CEPF grant making currently follows an ecosystem profile developed through an extensive stakeholder consultation process conducted in 2009-2010.

Much has changed in the six years since the Ecosystem Profile was prepared, in terms of economic trends, capacities of civil society, political landscape, donor investment or biological data available. There is a need to update the ecosystem profile, through a participatory process, to create a platform on which funders interested in making grants to civil society groups working in the Mediterranean Basin over the next five years can share goals and strategies. The updated Ecosystem Profile sets out a situational analysis, based upon a review of biodiversity priorities, threats, policy environment, civil society context, and patterns of conservation investment, and present a stakeholder-agreed-upon geographic and thematic investment strategy. The update:

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