Call for collaborative project proposals:
“Conservation of the Mediterranean Monk Seal in priority areas”


The Monk Seal Alliance (MSA) was created in 2019 by its founding Member organizations: the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the MAVA Foundation for Nature, the Segré Foundation, the Sancta Devota Foundation, and the Thalassa Foundation. The MSA intends to bring together foundations and other donor organizations to leverage the scope and impact of field activities carried out to deliver on Mediterranean monk seal conservation and enable concerted, long-term and region-wide implementation of actions.
The aim of the MSA is to support effective conservation of the Mediterranean monk seal by:

The Monk Seal Alliance has identified its near-time funding strategy for support towards monk seal conservation (2020-2024). The strategy is aligned with the Regional Strategies and Action Plans for the protection of the Mediterranean Monk Seal under the Barcelona Convention and the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, as well as existing National Action Plans for the conservation of the species. It will also contribute to the objectives of the wider frameworks of the European Habitats Directive, Natura 2000 networks, the UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan and the Convention of Biological Diversity.

As part of this strategy, the MSA launches a call for one or several collaborative projects to directly support Goal 21 of the Updated Regional Strategy for the Conservation of monk seal in the Mediterranean, adopted by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention in December 2019 (UNEP/MED IG.24/22), and its associated Targets and Objectives. This first call will therefore primarily focus on “Group A” countries as defined by the Updated Regional Strategy, i.e. Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

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1Goal 2: “Monk seal breeding nuclei in sites located in “Group A” countries are effectively protected from deliberate killings and habitat degradation, so that seal numbers in such sites increase and seals are able to disperse to and re-colonize the surrounding areas”