The team

Vice President

Mr Olivier Wenden

Vice President & Chief Executive Officer

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation was established in 2006 to tackle environmental challenges including climate change, biodiversity, and water resources. In 2019, Wenden was appointed Vice-President and CEO of the Foundation. With a background as the Executive Director for 5 years, Wenden played a pivotal role in the international growth of the Foundation, streamlining its fundraising approach and expanding its partnerships with private sector organizations to support science-based initiatives. Prior to his role at the Foundation, Wenden held key positions in the Parliament of Monaco, serving as Chief of Staff and international affairs advisor, as well as Chargé de Mission for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. He holds a degree from Sciences Po Bordeaux and the University of Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Executive department

Mr Romain Ciarlet

Executive Director

Mr Emmanuel Calça

Administrative and Financial Director and Environmental Quality Manager

Administrative department

Mr Romain Ottavj

Legal Director

Mrs Isabelle Denis-Bonnel

Accounting & Human Resources

Mrs Mounya Mazouz

Personal Assistant to the Vice President

Mrs Alejandra Boyer

Executive Assistant

Initiatives and Projects

Mr Philippe Mondielli

Scientific Director

Mrs Hélène Onoforo Sanaia

Projects Coordinator

Mrs Lina Hansson Simonetti

Initiatives Coordinator and Secretary of the Monaco Blue Initiative

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Myriam Aarras

Projects Officer

Mr Kilian Bus

Communication and Project Officer

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Léa Glâtre

Projects Officer

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Auriane Pertuisot

Marine Projects Officer

Communication department

Mrs Nadège Massé

Director of Communications

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Lea Lippisch

Digital Communication and Events Officer

Mr Ludovic Arneodo

IT and Multimedia Manager

Mrs Céline Vacquier-Bekkari

Communications Officer – Mediation and Awareness

Event department

Mrs Laurence Van Zeveren

Events Manager

Mr Olivier Storelli

Events Manager

Event Department

Mr Pierre-Edouard Coursault

Events Manager

Bursar department

Mr Guyllaume Boucher

Office Boy

Mrs Siham Crevatas

Service Agent