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Call for projects 2021

The application session for funding from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is open online from 1st to 30th June 2021 included.

Projects which are shortlisted will be appraised for a potential funding as of 2023. Therefore, the application for funding must be for activities starting in 2023.

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application by email before April, 30th, 2022.

No project can be directly submitted to the Foundation. Only files submitted in the framework of the calls for projects are taken into account.

Before proposing your project by filling in the Pre-Application Form, please read the following lines carefully to ensure that it is in line with the Foundation's prerequisites and fields of action. Please note that for this call 2021, the Foundation will pay particular attention to the programs listed in paragraph "C" below.


A/ Prerequisites:

The application for funding must be for activities starting in 2023.
Any financial support should not exceed 50% of the total project budget.
The request for support must not concern:

The regular functioning of the organizations,
Projects carried out by a single person,
Projects of a commercial nature only,
Projects with no other financial partner.

B/ Action fields:

The project must relate to one of the following environmental areas :

Climate change,

Priority geographic area :

Polar Zones

C/ The priority programs of the June 2021 call for projects:


  • Protection of forest ecosystems with a focus on training local experts to accompany conservation projects that take into account the rights of the communities living there,
  • Environmental part of sustainable management of water resources,
  • Environmental projects with a direct and positive impact on human health,
  • The development and promotion of eco responsible food and especially urban agriculture,
  • Implementation of nature-based solutions that promote coastal resilience to climate change and biodiversity loss,
  • Projects to strengthen Arctic and Antarctic MPAs

If your project meets the prerequisites, it will be analyzed and selected according to the following criteria:

The type of project :

  • research, technological innovation, field projects involving the populations concerned,
  • Added value, exemplarity and replicability of the project,
  • Measurable and concrete aspect of the project’s expected results,
  • « Sustainable development » dimension of the project (social and economic, in particular)
  • Concertation and involvement of the local populations concerned,
  • Quality and solidity of partnerships,
  • Technical and financial feasibility,
  • Competences of the project leaders,
  • Quality of project management,
  • Existence of a project evaluation system,
  • Particular attention will be paid to projects that contribute to human health and the fight against poverty.

After reviewing this questionnaire and once you have been pre-selected, we will contact you to ask you to complete an application form.

The project selection process is based on the following steps:



Phase 1 :

The Pre-Application File is submitted online via the Foundation’s website during the calls for projects,
Applications are pre-selected by the Foundation’s staff,

Phase 2 :

An application file is sent to applicants of pre-selected projects,
The application file is sent to the Foundation,
Applications are examined by the Foundation’s staff and additional information may be requested, 
Selection of the applications to be presented to the Scientific and Technical Committee,

Phase 3 :

Applications are referred to the Scientific and Technical Committee for opinion,

Phase 4 :

Final selection of projects by the Foundation’s Board of Directors,
A financing agreement is drawn up and signed.