Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation's Awards

Since 2008, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Awards have paid tribute to leading individuals and organisations for their deep commitment to preserving our planet, in each of the Foundation’s three priority areas: limiting the effects of climate change, preserving biodiversity, managing water resources. 

«I wanted to create these awards to show my support to exceptional men and women who are committed to saving our planet.”  H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.


2023 – Philadelphia
  • Planetary Health Award: Dominique Palmer (United Kingdom)
  • Planetary Health Award: Prof. Dr. Hans-Otto Pörtner (Germany)
  • Planetary Health Award: Ecovative (USA)

2022 – Monaco

  • Planetary Health Award: Dr Agnès Kalibata (Rwanda)
  • Planetary Health Award: Prof Dame Jane Francis (United Kingdom)
  • Planetary Health Award: ECOncrete Tech (Italy)

    2021 – Monaco

  • Climate Change Award: Mr Bren Smith (USA)
  • Biodiversity Award: Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)
  • Water Award: Ms Autumn Peltier (Canada)
  • Special Award: Mrs Sharon Stone (USA)

2020 – Virtual and Monaco

  • Climate Change Award: Prof. Johan Rockström (Germany)
  • Biodiversity Award: Prof. Brad Lister & Dr. Andrés García Aguayo (USA & Mexico)
  • Water Award: International Water Management Institute (Sri Lanka)
  • Special Award: Sting (United-Kingdom)

2019 – Madrid

  • Climate Change Award: Ørsted (Denmark)
  • Biodiversity Award: Prof. Brad Lister & Dr. Andrés García Aguayo (USA & Mexique)
  • Water Award: Tribunal de Las Aguas de Valencia (Spain)
  • Special Award: Mrs. Christina Figueres (Costa Rica) & Mr. Robert Redford (USA)

2018 – Monaco

  • Climate Change Award: Pr. Terry Hughes (Australia)
  • Biodiversity Award: Tenkile Conservation Alliance (Papoua New-Guinea)
  • Water Award: Pr. Victor Pochat (Argentina)
  • Special Award: Mr Orlando Bloom (United Kingdom)

2017- Montreal 

  • Climate Change Award: Mrs Sheila Watt-Cloutier (Canada)
  • Biodiversity Award: The African Parks Network
  • Water Award: Mr Ibrahim Hassane Mayaki (Niger)
  • Special Award: Mr John Kerry (USA) & Mr Leonardo DiCarpio (USA)

2016- Monaco

  • Climate Change Award: Mrs Laurence Tubiana (France)
  • Biodiversity Award: Mr Luc Hoffmann (Switzerland)
  • Water Award: Mr Deshigen Naidoo for the Water Research Commission (South Africa)

2015 - Monaco

  • Climate Change Award: Mr Bill McKibben (USA)
  • Biodiversity Award: Mr Emmanuel de Merode (Belgium)
  • Water Award: Mr Loic Fauchon (France)

2014 - Palm Springs

  • Climate Change Award: Prof Ove Hoegh-Guldberg (Australia)
  • Biodiversity Award: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species
  • Water Award: Mr Ma Jun (China)
  • Special Award: Dr Sylvia Earle (USA)

2013 - Monaco

  • Climate Change Award: Dr Jane Lubchenco (USA)
  • Biodiversity Award: Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, SCAR
  • Water Award: Prof John Anthony Allan (United Kingdom)

2012 - London

  • Climate Change Award: Dr Jean Jouzel (France)
  • Biodiversity Award: Sir David Attenborough (United Kingdom)
  • Water Award: Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI (Sweden)

2011 - Monaco

  • Climate Change Award: Dr David Suzuki (Canada)
  • Biodiversity Award: Dr Gretchen Daily (USA)
  • Water Award: Prof Andras Szollosi-Nagy (Hungary)

2010 - Shanghai

  • Climate Change Award: Prof James Lovelock (United Kingdom)
  • Biodiversity Award: Dr Peter Hamilton Raven (USA)
  • Water Award: Pr Malin Falkenmark (Sweden)
  • Special Award: Mr Wang Shi (China)

2009 - Monaco

  • Climate Change Award: Ms Marina Silva (Brazil)
  • Biodiversity Award: Prof Edward Osborne Wilson (USA)
  • Water Award: Mr Pan Yue (China)
  • Special Award: Mr. Jacques Perrin (France) & Lord Nichols Stern (United Kingdom)  

2008 - Monaco

  • Prix Changement Climatique: Mr Alain Hubert (Belgium)
  • Biodiversity Award: Dr Jane Goodall (United Kingdom)
  • Water Award: Dr Sunita Narain (India)
  • Special Award: Mr Guy Laliberté (Canada)