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BeMed launches its 5th call for micro-initiatives



Every year, more than a quarter of the plastic waste generated in the Mediterranean ends up in the sea. Plastic and the toxic compounds it contains are a scourge for marine fauna and flora and represent a major challenge for the preservation of the ecosystems on which mankind depends.

To prevent plastic pollution in the Mediterranean, BeMed supports, federates and accompanies actors in the field in order to reduce the use of plastic, find alternatives, improve collection systems, raise awareness, collect data and help implement new regulations. The BeMed network currently extends to 15 countries around the Mediterranean for 53 supported projects.

In the current health context where single-use plastics are making a strong comeback, it is essential to strengthen efforts to limit over-consumption and reduce leakage to the environment. With this in mind, BeMed is launching for the 5th consecutive year its call for micro-initiatives.

Beyond financial support, the BeMed call for micro-initiatives encourages the sharing of good practices between the actors of the network. The Monaco Ocean Week 2021 will be an opportunity for the 2019 laureates to meet in the Principality to exchange on the progress of their project and for BeMed to unveil its 2020 laureates.

 The call for micro-initiatives in brief :

Eligible actors: The call concerns NGOs, local authorities, municipalities, private companies with less than 20 employees, scientific institutions whose legal status allows them to receive grants.

Type of targeted actions : The call concerns actions contributing to reduce the arrival of plastics in the Mediterranean Sea. The replication or adaptation of successful experiences in other areas or countries is encouraged. Initiatives must include a maximum of concrete actions.

Eligible countries: All countries around the Mediterranean.

BeMed's contribution for each project: Up to a maximum of 10,000 euros.

Starting date of the project: From May 2021.

Duration of the project: 12 to 18 months maximum (end of project no later than 30 November 2022). The call is open until Sunday 3 January 2021.

Find all the information concerning the call for projects on the BeMed website 

Photo Credits : ©Dimitris Panagiotaras