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Fundraising event in aid of the Amur Tiger


The annual fundraising evening, jointly organised by the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation (Sir Stelios is among other things the founder of the airline company EasyJet), WWF and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, took place on 11th July 2017 for the benefit of a joint project of the Foundation and WWF: the Amur Tiger. 400 people gathered together on this occasion.

The Amur Tiger is a symbol which dominates the food chain of the temperate forest ecosystems in the Amur-Heilong River Basin; a symbol however which is on the brink of extinction. Thanks to the Foundation’s support, the conservation efforts conducted by WWF for the Amur Tiger has borne fruit. These efforts include the extension and designation of protected areas, programmes to reintroduce prey and large-scale awareness campaigns. The aim is to expand these activities and to strengthen their impact.