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H.S.H. Prince Albert II attends RUG meeting in Colombia


On 19th March, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco participated in the meeting of the Reference User Group (RUG), held in Santa Marta, Colombia.

"Year after year, your work enables us to draw the world's attention to the very serious phenomenon of ocean acidification. … It is now just 10 years since the Declaration of Monaco first alerted the world to this issue. … I should also like to underline the opportunity presented in 2018 by International Year of the Reef. Because of their vulnerability to acidification, because of their importance in our global ecosystems ... corals should today, more than ever, be at the heart of our strategies," the Sovereign Prince announced during his speech.

High profile figures who attended the meeting included Mr Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic of Colombia; Luis Gilberto Murillo, Colombian Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development and president of INVEMAR; Francisco Arias-Isaza, General Director of INVEMAR; Julia Miranda, Director of National Parks; and Juan Mayr, Colombia's former Minister of the Environment.