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Highlights of the Monaco Ocean Week 2023



Press release

Ocean protection remains a major challenge for sustainable development. Representing nearly 70% of the planet's surface, it is home to millions of living species and provides the main source of food for nearly half of the Earth's inhabitants.

Ecological crisis, chemical pollution, plastic waste, overfishing and overexploitation... many threats affect the world's seas. Every year, it is estimated that 8 million tonnes of plastic waste end up in the world's oceans and that nearly 80% of the world's wastewater is discharged without treatment...

The ocean is a victim of global warming whose negative impacts are damaging coral reefs and other key ecosystems. Urgent action is needed to protect this common good which is seriously endangered by human activities.

Organised by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Government of Monaco, the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, the Scientific Centre of Monaco and the Yacht Club of Monaco, Monaco Ocean Week, which took place from 20 to 26 March 2023, brought together scientists, experts, NGOs and representatives of civil society to discuss major issues such as innovation, ocean health and human health, the blue economy, scientific research and exploration, sustainable yachting, the strengthening of marine protected areas, cetacean conservation, the legal approach to ocean conservation and raising awareness, particularly among the younger generations.  At the MOW, each event is dedicated to a different issue but is always in search of solutions.

With 47 events taking place during the week, the 2023 edition of Monaco Ocean Week was a great success, confirming the growing participation of an international community of experts, companies and associations. The Monegasque institutions were very present and demonstrated the Principality's dynamism in all aspects of ocean preservation.


The Monaco Blue Initiative and Monaco Ocean Week are supported by Rolex and Barclays Private Bank



To open this week, the Monaco Blue Initiative, a high-level think-tank, was held on 20 March, bringing together the major ocean stakeholders to discuss sustainable fishing, highly protected MPAs, the restoration of marine ecosystems and the Mediterranean Sea. The recommendations resulting from these debates will feed into high-level negotiations on ocean protection and governance.

Launched in 2010 by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Monaco Blue Initiative is co-organised by the Oceanographic Institute and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. This unique discussion platform brings together the major ocean stakeholders every year during Monaco Ocean Week to address the global challenges of ocean management and conservation in concrete, operational and forward-looking terms.


The 14ème edition brought together stakeholders and decision-makers in the field of sustainable management and conservation of the Ocean, be they representatives of governments, international organisations, civil society, the private sector or scientists, on the following themes

  • Sustainable fisheries: how to reconcile conservation and exploitation for the next decade and beyond?
  • MPAs under strong protection: what challenges and ambitions for 2030?
  • Restoring marine ecosystems: what place for sustainable development goals?
  • Towards a preserved, resilient and sustainable Mediterranean: what ambitions and what solutions?


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