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The MedFund launches a call for interest for Highly Protected Marine Areas in the Mediterranean

Press release


The MedFund is an environmental trust fund created in 2015 to mobilise public and private funding to support the development and effective management of marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean.

Science has shown that marine protected areas effectively protect marine biodiversity when the most impactful extractive activities are banned or severely restricted.

Highly protected marine areas provide the highest environmental benefits, and consequently the greatest benefits for local communities.

Guided by science and encouraged by the commitments of several countries to increase the number of Highly Protected marine areas in the Mediterranean, the MedFund has created in 2021 a funding window dedicated to Highly Protected marine areas called the Highly Protected Mediterranean Initiative.

Through this initiative, the MedFund has been supporting more than 200km² of highly protected marine areas : Telascica in Croatia, Sporades Alonissos in Greece, and Datca-Bozburun and Fethiye Gocek in Turkey. These areas benefit from technical and financial support from MedFund over the next 5 years to protect their marine ecosystems and fisheries resources more effectively.

On the occasion of 23rd Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean, the MedFund is launching a new call for interest dedicated to highly protected marine areas, with the support of the MAVA Foundation and Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy.

This call is open to the priority countries designated in the MedFund's 2020-2025 strategy: Albania, Algeria, Croatia, Greece, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro, Tunisia and Türkiye.

Applicants are invited to submit their application by 22nd February 2024. The information documents can be downloaded from our website :

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