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Monaco Ocean Week 2024



Monaco Ocean Week 2024, held from March 18th to March 22nd, has successfully concluded, marking another significant milestone in global efforts towards ocean conservation. Organized by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, in collaboration with the Monaco Government, the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, the Scientific Centre of Monaco, and the Monaco Yacht Club, this annual event brought together diverse stakeholders from around the world in over 50 events to engage in meaningful dialogue, collaborative initiatives, and actionable solutions aimed at safeguarding our oceans. 


The week commenced with the Monaco Blue Initiative, setting the stage for a series of impactful events focused on addressing the most pressing challenges facing marine ecosystems. Here's a glimpse into some of the key highlights from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation’s events held during the week : 


Pelagos Forum: 

The second edition of the Pelagos Forumconvened over a hundred stakeholders dedicated to the protection of the Pelagos Sanctuary. Participants, including scientists, fishermen, NGOs, and intergovernmental organizations, deliberated on critical issues such as strengthening Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), sustainable fishing practices, noise pollution mitigation, and eco-friendly tourism. The collaborative spirit exhibited at the Forum underscored the collective commitment to making the Pelagos Sanctuary a global model for marine conservation.The Pelagos Initiative also announced a new call for projects focusing on climate change and its impact on the Pelagos Sanctuary, in partnership with the UBS Optimus Foundation, UBS Monaco, and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. 


Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal: 

Exploring the Ocean's potential as a crucial ally in mitigating climate change, this event delved into research on climate change impacts on the ocean. Discussions centered on ocean-based approaches to combat ocean acidification, warming, and oxygen loss, emphasizing the importance of protecting and restoring blue carbon ecosystems and exploring innovative techniques like ocean alkalinity enhancement. 


Ocean Innovators Platform: 

Bringing together a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders, the Ocean Innovators Platform showcasedcutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions aimed at combating plastic pollution, advancing aquaculture practices, and ensuring effective management of Marine Protected Areas. The platform served as a catalyst for collaboration, accelerating progress towards a sustainable blue economy. 


Vernissage of the book "Monaco et la Mer": 

The book "Monaco et la Mer" was launched, in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, tracing the enduring connection between the Principality and the Mediterranean Sea. Authored by Denis Allemand and Philippe Mondielli, the book serves as a compelling call to action for environmental responsibility, highlighting Monaco's commitment to marine protection and conservation.Available in bookshops and online from 14 March. 


Ocean Conservation Legal Roundtable: 

Delving into the intersection of legal frameworks and ocean conservation, this roundtable explored the complexities surrounding polar tourism, deep-sea mining, and resource protection in remote regions. The discussions underscored the vital role of robust legal frameworks in ensuring sustainable ocean practices and resource management. 


Tides of Change: Transforming the Fashion Industry to Protect the Ocean 

Highlighting the environmental footprint of the fashion industry, this event explored pathways towards a more sustainable and ethical model. Experts discussed the need for collaboration, eco-friendly materials, inclusive approaches, and legislative measures to promote sustainability in fashion, emphasizing the collective responsibility to drive positive change. 


Announcement of Beyond Plastic Med 2024 Laureates: 

Beyond Plastic Med announced its 2024 Laureates, recognizing micro-initiatives aimed at reducing plastic pollution in the Mediterranean region. The selected projects will receive financial and technical support to implement solutions ranging from awareness campaigns to legislative advocacy, contributing to a cleaner and healthier marine environment. 


Monaco Ocean Week 2024 reaffirmed Monaco's commitment to ocean conservation and sustainable development, serving as a platform for collaboration, innovation, and actionable solutions. As we navigate the challenges ahead, the collective efforts showcased during this week inspire hope and optimism for a brighter future for our oceans. 


Monaco Ocean Week benefits from the generous support of Rolex and Barclays Private Bank.  

Photo credits: ©JC Vinaj / FPA2 and ©Olivier Huitel / FPA2