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Monaco's Role at COP28: A Blue Commitment to Ocean Conservation




COP28 in Dubai witnessed a momentous gathering of global leaders and influencers, with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation taking a prominent stand to prioritize ocean conservation. Under the leadership of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, the Foundation spearheaded and participated in various events, reinforcing Monaco's commitment to bringing the ocean to the forefront of international discussions.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco's Active Participation

The Sovereign played a pivotal role throughout COP28, advocating for urgent climate action. From addressing global leaders at the World Climate Action Summit to engaging in high-level discussions and delivering opening speeches, the Prince emphasized the importance of integrating ocean preservation and biodiversity into the global climate agenda.


1. Ocean Innovators Platform

The 5th editionof the Ocean Innovators Platform (OIP) brought together entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and investors in a series of impactful discussions. Panels explored marine ecosystem restoration, carbon dioxide removal solutions, and the transition to green shipping. HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco emphasized the need for a new relationship with the ocean, echoing a collective call to support innovative projects for a regenerative blue economy.

2. Building the New, Blue Economy: Investing for Sustainable Oceans and Climate

Hosted by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, this high-level convening aimed to boost private investments in ocean-positive solutions. It addressed the coral reef funding gap and showcased tangible ocean-positive investments, highlighting the Foundation's commitment to fostering a sustainable blue economy.

3. Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement: Guiding Responsible Research

In collaboration with renowned partners, the Foundation organized an event on Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement (OAE). The presentation of the "Guide to Best Practices in OAE Research" aimed to advance responsible, transparent, and inclusive research on marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) approaches.

4. The Role of Environmental Philanthropy in UN Processes

This panel, organized by various foundations, including Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, aimed to foster a tripartite alliance between the public, private, and civil society sectors. Discussions focused on promoting collaboration to achieve UN objectives for 2030 on climate, biodiversity, and the environment.

5. Sea of Change: Combating Plastic Pollution in the Mediterranean

At the Ocean Pavilion, the Foundation, alongside partners, convened leaders to address plastic pollution in the Mediterranean. Discussions explored innovative business models, financial instruments for a circular economy, and policy changes necessary to combat plastic waste and protect the Mediterranean Sea.

6. The 2025 UNOC Side Event

This high-level event, co-sponsored by France and Costa Rica in collaboration with UN-DESA, was organized at the Ocean Pavilion by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Scripps Institution of Oceanography. It addressed concrete plans and actions in the run-up to UNOC 3 in Nice in June 2025.

7. Ocean Decade Foundations Dialogue: Philanthropic Cooperation for Effective Action in Ocean Science for Climate Action

The objective of this event was for philanthropic institutions from the North and the South to exchange experiences on their actions and lines of work in ocean science for climate action and to identify common approaches and best practices for investments.

8. Ocean acidification in the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean: Scaling down risks and scaling up solutions

The side event highlighted the success stories and lessons learned, emphasized current and projected challenges to marine food chains, human sustenance, economic activities, and seafood security, and discussed sustainable pathways for effective adaptation and mitigation solutions.

9. Implementation of the Ocean Decade in Africa: Looking at Oceans from a Specific Regional Perspective

This session underscored the unique challenges and solutions pertinent to the African context.

ExcitingPartnerships Unveiled

The Foundation, OceanX, and 1000 Ocean Startups Coalition hosted by the World Economic Forum joined forces to advance ocean innovation. Aboard the cutting-edge OceanXplorer, this collaboration signifies a collective commitment to promoting blue technology and supporting a sustainable ocean economy.


Monaco, through the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, demonstrated unparalleled dedication at COP28, championing ocean conservation as an integral part of the global climate agenda. The events and partnerships forged underscore Monaco's leadership in fostering a regenerative blue economy and advancing innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Photo credit: ©Axel Bastello / Palais Princier