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Monaco Telecom and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation join forces again for environmental education


Press release

For the fifth year running, Monaco Telecom renews its commitment to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. It is once again working alongside the Department of Education, Youth and Sports and Terrae to ensure the continued existence of organic vegetable gardens in the Principality's schools.

On Tuesday February 13, Mr. Martin Peronnet, Managing Director of Monaco Telecom, officially presented a donation to Mr. Olivier Wenden, Vice-President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, in the presence of Mrs. Armelle Borro de Saxce, Head of the Pedagogical Training Center of the National Education, Youth and Sports Department, Mrs. Jessica Sbaraglia, Founder of Terrae, and Mr. Alexandre Moreno, Headmaster of the Fontvieille school where the meeting took place.

Committed to the Foundation since 2019 after storm Alex, the operator wished to contribute to the transmission of environmental values to the younger generations, and therefore financially supports since 2021 the program of urban vegetable gardens in schools led by the company Terrae. With a donation of €11,075 this year, from the sums collected from paper bill printouts, Monaco Telecom is specifically supporting the maintenance of the vegetable-growing activity at the Fontvieille school.

"Reducing the company's carbon footprint is a major challenge. Our commitment to a sustainable and responsible digital environment includes widespread dematerialization, particularly of our customers' invoices. This is why, for several years now, paper invoices have been charged to subscribers under 60 years of age. In consultation with the Prince's Government and the National Council, we are committed to ensuring that the sums collected contribute to ecological initiatives. In five years, over €66,000 has been donated to the Prince Albert II Foundation. And I'm particularly delighted that the company is contributing to the educational vegetable garden project to raise awareness among the very young. Supporting the Fontvieille school in particular this year is all the more valuable given that it is located in the same district as the company," explains Martin Peronnet, Managing Director of Monaco Telecom.
"Raising awareness and educating the younger generation about sustainable food is essential. Understanding the seasonality of produce, participating in its growth and cultivation creates a special bond with the land. It's a link we've lost, and one we need to regain if we are to build resilient, sustainable societies. We would like to thank Monaco Telecom for supporting our actions for so many years, demonstrating the ability of the Principality's institutions to work together for the common good and to pass on the message to new generations," declared Olivier Wenden, Vice-President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.
This is the ambition of Jessica Sbaraglia, who has been developing a program of urban vegetable gardens in schools with her company Terrae since 2020.  "Our vegetable gardens as well as our Terrae courses give children a greater understanding of biodiversity, vegetables, seasonality, seeds, plants, aromatics, compost and insects. We're very proud to contribute to this return to common sense and the values of the earth."

Since the program's inception in autumn 2020, 7 schools have benefited from this hands-on awareness of nature, growing fruit and vegetables, respecting the seasons and eating healthy, sustainable food. More than 2,000 students grow and harvest their own produce every year.

Isabelle Bonnal, Commissioner General for National Education, Youth and Sport, emphasizes: "It's essential that the Principality's pupils understand the importance of eating well, eating simple, healthy food and respecting the environment, from a very early age, through fun, educational activities. The educational vegetable gardens are perfect examples of the kind of leverage that education can mobilize with high-quality local partners, to help young people develop constructive, sustainable habits and awareness".

In particular, Monaco Telecom's donation will help to maintain the vegetable garden at the Fontvieille school, and finance more than 30 hours of lessons per year for the pupils.