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Monaco Telecom and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation: joining forces to perpetuate vegetable organic gardens in the Principality's schools



Monaco Telecom is renewing its commitment to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Department of National Education, Youth and Sports and Terrae in order to perpetuate organic vegetable gardens in the Principality's schools.

On Monday 16 January, Mr Martin Peronnet, CEO of Monaco Telecom, officially handed over a donation to Mr Olivier Wenden, Vice-President and CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, in the presence of Mrs Jessica Sbaraglia, Founder of Terrae, and Mrs Isabelle Biancheri, Director of the Ecole des Révoires, where the event took place.

Aiming to contribute to the transmission of environmental values to the younger generations, Monaco Telecom has thus renewed its partnership with the Foundation in order to perpetuate the urban vegetable garden programme in schools run by the company Terrae since 2020, with the ambition of "Planting a responsible future with young shoots", as Mrs Jessica Sbaraglia underlined.

"We welcome Monaco Telecom's commitment to this important project to raise schoolchildren's awareness on sustainable development through practical and fun urban vegetable garden activities. This programme, which enables children to create a link with the earth and change their view of food, actively participates in forging a new relationship with nature, from a very young age. We are pleased that the Foundation can help to perpetuate it," said Mr. Olivier Wenden.

Mrs Isabelle Bonnal, Commissioner General of the National Department of Education, Youth and Sport, reaffirmed on this occasion the importance of integrating into the activities and teaching programmes dedicated to the Principality's young pupils, the references and knowledges for a healthy and diversified food, which is a true factor of balance, well-being and health.

By allocating a donation of €10,962 from the fees collected for printing paper invoices, Monaco Telecom is supporting, in particular, the maintenance of vegetable growing activities at Les Révoires school.

 "For several years now, paper bills have been paid by subscribers under 60 years of age. The objective is environmental, the idea being to gradually reduce paper consumption by generalising digital invoicing. It is therefore normal that the amounts collected contribute to ecological initiatives. We have committed ourselves to this, in consultation with the Prince's Government and the National Council. We therefore support the actions of the Prince Albert II Foundation and I am particularly pleased this year with our lasting commitment to Terrae and the Ecole des Révoires for the development of educational vegetable gardens", said Martin Peronnet.

Thanks to an initial donation from Monaco Telecom last year, the Ecole des Révoires joined the programme in 2022 with the installation of a vegetable garden on the school's roof. This vegetable garden, which is one of the largest, is divided into two large terraces. Around 100 pupils in the largest primary classes will now be educated. Children will again be able to benefit from 35 hours of workshops throughout the school year.

"The Urban Vegetable Garden project run by Terrae, with the support of the National Department of Education, Youth and Sport, is funded by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. More broadly, it provides the organisation of numerous educational activities in line with our Eco-School project, which focuses on the environment and sustainable development," emphasised Mrs Isabelle Biancheri.

Since the programme's inception in autumn 2020, 7 schools have benefited from this concrete awareness of nature, the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, respect for the seasons and healthy, sustainable food. More than 2,000 students grow and harvest their produce each year.