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The 44th International German Club of Monaco’s summer charity gala


On 25th July 2017, in the presence of the Sovereign Prince, the International German Club of Monaco held its 44th charity gala event at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort for the benefit of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation,

During the event, Mr Karl H. Vanis, President of the German Club, introduced the new Co-Presidents of the German Club, Mrs Beatrix Baronne von Dellingshausen and Mr Patrick Wetzel.

“It is not my Foundation which is at the heart of this evening. What brings us together this evening, the reason for this generosity for which I am deeply grateful to you, is neither a Foundation, nor a personal initiative. It is quite simply our Planet (…). And that is why I was keen to tell you how important and valuable the generosity you demonstrate is – not in regard to my Foundation, but in regard to our world, our future and that of our children” declared HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.