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"The future that awaits us": a day of international meetings on climate change organised by the Italian branch of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation


Press release


On Friday 7 October, the Italian branch of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation held an international meeting on climate change entitled "The future that awaits us" at Fonte Bonifacio VIII in Fiuggi, in the presence of over 300 people.

In his welcome speech, the President of the branch, Dr. Marco Colasanti, presented the reasons that motivated the Foundation to organise this event. The first impulse was to seek answers, solutions and avenues of reflection from the scientific world. The aim of the day was to raise awareness of climate change, both globally and with content of particular interest to the community and the region. 

Dr. Colasanti went on to explain: "The Foundation aims to promote and increase awareness of priority issues, which unquestionably affect the lives of all of us. Addressing environmental protection issues means reflecting and rethinking our place in our system. It means forging close links with the natural world around us, recognising its beauty. We live in an ever-changing ecosystem that forces us to change, to evolve. We need to re-educate ourselves towards a relationship of interaction, respect and harmony. We are convinced that the knowledge that each of us can do something, even if it is only a small daily gesture, to improve the current situation, will guide us towards a better future. 

Scientists and experts from all over Italy then spoke about how climate change is and will affect our lives, what the future holds and what each of us can do to mitigate and cope with it. The first to take the stage was Prof. Paola Mercogliano, Director of Climate Scenario Research for Italy at the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change. Her speech analysed the current and future situation, as well as the future actions that can be taken. Prof. Carmelo Maria Musarella, from the Department of Agriculture of the Mediterranean University Reggio Calabria, then addressed the issue of biodiversity loss, presenting some suggestions for possible solutions. Prof. Fabrizio Fracchia, full professor of administrative law at the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan, spoke about the role of law in environmental protection. Prof. Marco Olivi, director of the Master's course in Wildlife Administration and Management at the CA' FOSCARI VENEZIA UNIVERSITY, spoke about the environmental choices to be made. Giuseppe Bombino, Associate Professor of Agricultural Hydraulics, Water Management and Soil Conservation, Chair of the Bachelor's Degree Course in Forestry and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Department of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, addressed the issue of the role of forests in soil protection, also analysing some protection projects. After a short break, Prof. Eugenio Gaudio, President of the FONDAZIONE ROMA SAPIENZA and former Rector of the Sapienza University of Rome, spoke about the role of education in forming sustainable citizens. Chef Heinz Beck, a true global gastronomic star with three Michelin stars, then spoke about sustainability in cooking, and how climate change will affect food. Prof. Francesco Celani of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics - LNF CLEANHME, twice a Nobel Prize nominee, then spoke about innovative energy production. Antonella Violano, Associate Professor of Architectural Technology at Luigi Vanvitelli University in Naples, spoke about new biological materials for the circular economy. Prof. Carlo Blasi, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Environmental Biology at the SAPIENZA UNIVERSITY OF ROME, spoke about urban forests and green infrastructures for the protection of the environment and the citizen. Finally, Professor Gabriele Scarascia Mugnozza, professor of geological engineering, director of the CERI research centre on the prediction, prevention and control of geological risks at the SAPIENZA UNIVERSITY OF ROME, spoke about the future of water, the availability, consumption and waste of this primary resource. 

The day, moderated by Radio Monte Carlo presenter Filippo Firli, aroused great interest, even among the insiders of the sector, who praised the high level of the speakers and the breadth of the topics addressed.

The Italian branch of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation would like to thank the partners who made the event possible: Radio Monte Carlo, Fondazione Scudieri, TSA, Harmonic Shapes, Clean System, Cialone Tour spa, Fondazione Roma Sapienza and the municipality of Fiuggi.
The entire event is available in two parts on the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation-Italy's Facebook page.