Ice Memory : Heritage library of ice core samples

Ice Memory : Heritage library of ice core samples

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
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Dates / Project duration

January 2021 - December 2025 / 5 years

Field of action :

Study on climate change and its effects

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Project sponsor(s) :

Foundation University of Grenoble


Mountain glaciers capture memories of our climate and our environment, providing valuable information to help us better anticipate future environmental changes. However, climate warming is causing these glaciers to beat an unrelenting retreat.

Conducted by an international team of glaciologists who are determined to retain glaciers’ memory, this programme has both scientific and cultural aspects. It aims to create a heritage library of ice cores (cylinders taken from glaciers) in Antarctica to enable scientists from future generations to make use of this priceless raw material.

The international Ice Memory team envisages drilling cores from around 20 glaciers over the next two decades.