Marketing domestic fuel based on charcoal residues

Marketing domestic fuel based on charcoal residues

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Dates / Project duration

October 2014 - March 2016 / 18 months

Field of action :

Development of energy efficiency and renewable energies

Branch :


Location :

Kigali, Rwanda

Project sponsor(s) :

Auto-Développement Afrique (ADA)


The purpose of this project is to market a high-performance biofuel, suitable for home cooking, produced from charcoal dust, by optimising the pilot production unit that the AMIZERO Association has been developing since 2007 on the Nzove site (Kigali). A prototype chain has been set up thanks to funding from the European Commission. The technique developed by BIOTERRE (CRA-W) has proved to be extremely efficient as far as quality is concerned, a basic guarantee of the market. The plant produces and sells 10 tonnes every month, but the break-even point has been fixed at 18 tonnes per month. The aim of this action is to strengthen the association's marketing and commercialisation strategies in order to achieve this break-even point.